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Steel Pergola Design

Once the concept is approved, supervised implementation takes place working closely with the experts and the client. The technical drawings are produced keeping in mind the topography of the area among other factors. DFL employs modern technology to produce designs which are then implemented by our experienced staff. Individual designs are created on state of the art 3D Computer Aided Software, which enables us to take our client on a virtual tour of their garden before work can begin. When the layout is finished we help select materials which will define the space’s feel to create harmony and beauty. Thus every design is unique to every client. Changes can be made as per the client’s request and this ensures that as we start work on the site, the client knows what the expected results are.

Garden designs

We also create theme gardens e.g. rock gardens, tropical, gardens with waterways and bridges, Chinese, English etc. We create rock gardens whereby we use weathered volcanic rocks with plants planted in the crevices. The rocks are then laid in strategic points to attract attention and to avoid over dominance in the garden. Maintenance is minimal as only watering is required and it is not done daily since the rocks have good water holding capacity.

In addition we construct fountains depending on what the client has in mind, and we do it to satisfaction. We can have fountains made from shells or rocks, as per photo appearing.