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At DFL we have a team of qualified pool attendants / life savers who also have been trained in handling various pool chemicals and maintaining the required pool standards. Our staff will maintain your pool ensuring that the pool pH is balanced, algae are scrubbed out and the pool vicinity is kept clean and tidy always.

UNRC-MUD-RUN-2012-DSC08763Our gardening staff will be able to maintain the pool landscape to required standards by ensuring that plants are well maintained and no use of hazardous chemicals allowed.

We recommend to use Aquabrite systems.

Aquabrite is an alternative to pool chlorination. It uses electrolysis and oxygen based oxidizers to produce antibacterial ions. The system is suitable where algae and bacteria are bound to cause problems in fresh water. Activated ions destroy the algae and bacteria.
Aquabrite is a valuable alternative to chlorination as it contains no chlorine or bromine
We recommend the chemicals over chlorine treatment for the following reasons;

  1. The water remains bright, sparkling and taste and odour free unlike the use of chlorine which has a stinging taste and odour.
  2. Aquabrite is environmentally friendly as it has non-toxic chemicals and by products in its system
  3. Unlike other oxidisers it is not affected by sunlight and it works better in hot water
  4. Aquabrite has a residual disinfectant action throughout the body of the water
  5. Aquabrite is also ideal for indoor pools and spas / plunge pools as it has no smell or taste
  6. Aquabrite has automatic operation, no daily chemical additions to the pool thus cost effective in the long run
  7. Unlike chlorine, aquabrite does not bleach towels or costumes
  8. Unlike chlorine, use of Aquabrite guarantees no damage to sandstone or plants around the pool area.
  9. Backwash water may be used for irrigation of lawns or gardens unlike backwash from chlorine treated water which will destroy plants.
  10. Unlike chlorine, Aquabrite does not dry the skin or irritate the eyes. It is friendly to people with medical conditions such as dermatitis or chlorine allergies.
  11. One does not need to shower after swimming in a pool treated with aquabrite as the water is fresh water
  12. Aquabrite is convenient and simple to operate and the active components can be measured using a simple colour comparator test kit.