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The Company has a garden maintenance programme in place. The activities vary according to the different gardens but generally include pruning, edge trimming, planting and watering plants, sweeping, raking, mowing, fence trimming, weeding and pest control. Maintenance practices help maintain the landscape into its beautiful site and any anomalies are detected and corrected.


We encourage tree pruning to tree felling. Pruning is a proven practice for environment conservation and it is encouraged as opposed to felling. Pruned branches are recycled for making fuel wood or charcoal. The cut off section is treated to avoid tree from getting infection and dying.

Grass Planting and Mowing

Grass can be planted in any open lawn or gardens. There are different types of grass used e.g. paspallum grass, Kikuyu grass or mud river grass. Expert advice is given on the type of grass to be used based on the area where it will be planted and the type of soil etc. After an area has been prepared for planting using compost and fertilizer, the grass is planted and maintained. Maintenance includes watering, weeding and mowing and re-fertilization, if required. The preferred mowing height is 3-5cm.